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If you’re sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant, OB/GYN Kelly Morales, MD can help you find the right method of birth control. She offers a variety of safe and effective contraception options at her private practice in San Antonio. To learn more about choosing the best form of birth control for your lifestyle, call or book an appointment online today.

Contraception Q & A

What is contraception?

Contraception, or birth control, includes a wide range of different methods that prevent pregnancy before it begins. While abstinence, or avoiding sex completely, is the only 100% effective form of birth control, many safe options come close.

Many birth control methods, such as the pill, rely on hormones to prevent pregnancy. These hormones either stop your body from ovulating or make it impossible for sperm to fertilize your egg. Other methods, such as condoms, block sperm from your egg without hormones.

What are my options for birth control?

There are many different ways to prevent pregnancy. You may be familiar with condoms or the withdrawal method, but these are only 85% and 78% effective, respectively. That still leaves you with a 15% chance of getting pregnant when used consistently.

The birth control methods Dr. Morales prescribes are far more effective than the ones you can access without a doctor. She offers a variety of contraception options, such as:

  • The birth control pill or patch (91% effective)
  • The vaginal ring (91% effective)
  • Intrauterine device (IUD) (99% effective)
  • Sterilization or tubal ligation (99% effective)

What if I want to have children later?

Aside from sterilization, all birth control methods Dr. Morales prescribes are reversible. If you think you want to have children at some point in the future but aren’t ready yet, you can safely use these birth control methods until the right time.

Let Dr. Morales know when you plan to get pregnant and she can recommend the best time to stop taking your birth control.

Sterilization is a permanent procedure that’s difficult or impossible to reverse. It’s best to hold off on this procedure until you’re confident you don’t want to get pregnant.

How do I choose the right form of birth control?

With all the options available, choosing the right type of birth control can seem daunting. Dr. Morales is a professional who stays up to date on the latest advances in medicine.

After performing a physical exam and reviewing your medical history, she spends as much time as you need discussing the best form of contraception to suit your unique lifestyle.

To learn how birth control can help you prevent pregnancy, call the office of Kelly Morales, OB/GYN, or book an appointment online.

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