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Pregnancy is a time you’ll remember forever, so you want an obstetrician who’s happy to provide an experience you can cherish. Compassionate and attentive OB/GYN Kelly Morales, MD practices progressive and holistic obstetrics in San Antonio. Dr. Morales listens and provides the compassionate experience you envision for your pregnancy and childbirth. If you’re looking for a caring OB/GYN, call or book an appointment online today.

Pregnancy Q & A

What should I do for a healthy pregnancy?

If you’ve just learned you’re pregnant, congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it’s common to feel overwhelmed or nervous. The first thing you should do is schedule a prenatal visit.

Dr. Morales is a kind and nurturing OB/GYN who’s happy to guide you through your pregnancy with expert care.

What is prenatal care?

At prenatal appointments, Dr. Morales monitors your health and the health of your developing baby throughout pregnancy. During these visits, she discusses how to stay healthy during pregnancy and what to expect when the time comes to give birth.

Your prenatal visits may include:

  • Recommendations on nutrition and supplements
  • Counseling on how to quit smoking or alcohol use
  • Advice on exercising throughout pregnancy
  • Discussion of medications you take
  • Screening for genetic disorders and medical conditions that may affect pregnancy
  • Tips on how to avoid postpartum depression
  • Ultrasounds to monitor your baby’s growth
  • Advice on coping with morning sickness, back pain, and other common symptoms of pregnancy

Dr. Morales also works with you to develop a plan for labor and delivery. As a progressive OB/GYN, she supports the birth experience you feel most comfortable with. Your labor and delivery plan may include:

  • Vaginal delivery
  • Natural childbirth
  • Whether or not to have an epidural
  • Gentle, or family-centered C-section
  • Vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC)
  • Advice on breastfeeding

When should I schedule prenatal appointments?

It’s a good idea to schedule your first prenatal visit shortly after you’ve discovered you’re pregnant or between weeks six and nine of pregnancy. Typically, you continue to see Dr. Morales once a month throughout your first two trimesters, or until week 29.

During your third trimester, you see Dr. Morales every two weeks from weeks 29-36 and then once a week until your baby comes.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, Dr. Morales may want to see you more often or perform additional tests to monitor your health. Dr. Morales specializes in high-risk obstetrics and strives to put your mind at ease by offering the highest quality care.

For a happy and healthy pregnancy experience, call the office of Kelly Morales, OB/GYN, or book an appointment online today.

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